Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Christmas (Ornament) Simplified

Hey, hey, everyone!! I am still working on Christmas ornament blocks and having fun. We still have spots open for the Block Exchange at The Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge if you live in the Houston-Galveston Corridor.

So this week I want to share with you a Simpler Christmas Ornament. Even with so many years of quilting, many times I still feel like a newbie. When it comes to trading or showing blocks and quilts, It makes me nervous that I may not be at the level of quilter that the quilters i am exchanging with. So, self-confidence aside, I found an amazingly cute fabric at Wal-Mart, and decided to try and make a simpler version of the Christmas Ornament Block.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Half-Square Triangles for Christmas

I love half-square triangles, like ... love, love, love them. So of course, when I partnered with the new local shop, The Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge to host a local Christmas Ornament Block Exchange, I just knew one post would be about the different ways you could use HSTs to make your blocks!

You may have seen one on my last post, but then I locked myself in my studio and made a few more. The first block and this second one were made using some "vintage" fabric that my mom inherited when a fellow quilter friend passed away. My mom is not really a fan of seasonal fabrics or quilts, so I got nearly 2 giant plastic bins of fabrics her friend, Kay, had collected over the years.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Christmas Comes Early

Hey everyone. Last week I popped on and talked to you about some exciting projects that had kept me away from blogging. I also mentioned that we have a new local quilt shop, The Sparkly Elephant, owned by a friend. I mean it was meant a friendship to be, right!?! Elephants and teacups are a match made in heaven!

So Ani and I have been talking. Mostly about our shared experiences as quilters. For the most part, I have spent nearly 20 years in the "business" of Quilting because my mom Bear Thread Designs, so I grew up in the industry. I spent my teen years as a volunteer with the International Quilt Festival (Now Quilt Festival Houston), feeling a little special that I got to wear the gloves and help hang and guard so many beautiful quilts.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sparkly Elephants, Modern Quilts & More!

It has been a busy summer and start of the school year! I haven't had much time to blog in the last year, from Hurricane Harvey, to spending 9-months working at a construction firm to help manage rebuilds from the storm, most of my free time was limited. I could either craft, or blog about it ... so I crafted.

I didn't get much done this past year, compared to other years, but that was fine. We started to have more family adventures now that Lil Monkey is 8 and just spending that time with the family and chronicling those adventures at has been great.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hoppy Easter!

Hello to all my Peeps! (Ha! Ha! Get it?)

O.k. I may be a little tired from staying up to play Easter Bunny, but it was worth it. We gathered at 7 a.m. with an excited 8-year-old to find out what the Easter Bunny left. He's really not into the candy or anything, which makes it a little hard to fill eggs, but he loves the excitement of the hunt.

Last year The Easter Bunny a scavenger hunt for his basket. He loved it. This year was a little harder as my grandfather had been in the hospital since (our) Spring Break and passed away, so this past week has been filled with funeral services. A local group of Jr.High girls (I think) were earning money by "egging" houses (hiding Easter eggs) the night before  Easter, so I quickly jumped on their list since I felt bad dropping the ball on any planning for this year. (I literally only have no decorations up except for 2 little "chicks" i got at Cracker Barrel the day my grandfather passed away.)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sharing Family Meals Across State Lines

Thanksgiving 2017 was one of my favorites. For the first time ever, my 40-year-old brother and I hosted the family gathering for my mother's family. Do I think that it means that they finally see us as adults? No, probably not, but we had crazy fun time doing it.

My brother brought his family to Texas to visit. We are a year and 2 weeks apart, and are the only two children of my mom and dad. They live in Louisiana where my father and his side of the family also live. We have a total of 10 additional siblings between my dad and stepmother, so we don't often get to do much together, especially because for years my little family has been living the nomadic life of a military family. But I digress ...

So we banned anyone from showing up until 5 p.m. and my brother and his family walked over from my mom and stepfather's house, about a mile away. My brother is married to the Queen of Hearts, because she really has to have a patient heart to put up with all the shenanigans of my family. They have Magpie the Chatterbox and SoSo the Serious (she is seriously going to eat any food she sees.)