Friday, August 29, 2014

Operation Organization: Taking Back My Workspace

Sunday was a productive day, at least on the craft side of things. I cleaned and organized the extra room which serves as hubby's office, my office, craft room and thanks to a bad attitude by our resident 4-year-old, storage for confiscated toys. 

It was a bit of bad timing actually. Shortly after I pulled all of my craft projects out of the far corner of the room and created a desk using some inherited side tables, the lovable but stubborn junior resident in the house had a HUGE meltdown over being asked to clean up the toys in the play area and Daddy boxed it all up and put it in the spot where the side tables had been - which is where I was planning to put the shelf and craft project boxes. 

So for the past few months, I have had all my working craft projects - quilting, cross stitch, etc. - on the floor next to the desk with the sewing machine. It was definitely cramped working space this summer, but yesterday Monkey spent the day with the grandparents and hubby had to get some homework done for law school. 

That means I had a few hours of "me time"!! So I decided that if I was going to move forward with the list of half-finished projects.

We'll lately, we'd also noticed that our son was a toy-ninja, sneaking into the office and scampering off with toys from the punishment pile when we weren't in there. He was like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter - only it was toys under his bed.

You see that pile against the wall with the blue bin and other toys in a pile? When I got around to cleaning Sunday, it was only that blue bin left, and it was merely half full. Well, at least I know what toys I can get rid of without causing a big fight.

So, I sorted through the pile (in the front right) which was the creative stuff - quilting, cross stitch, scrapbook, etc. I got the individual quilting projects and all their fabrics and notions each in their own little bin (I love the Container Store!). Each cross stitch project was each put in a bag with all its floss and necessities and gathered in one large canvas bin (which was pink and on clearance for 70% off a few months ago.)

Then after sorting though all the stuff my mom like to "give me", meaning stuff she has and doesn't want, my creative work space was back in order and I spent a little playing and enjoying the new look.

Well, not that has made me want to go play in my fresh new work space, so if you need me, I'll be in that chair on the right!
Until our next cup of tea ...

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