Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quiltsmart Introduces New Projects to Fall in Love With!!

As some may know, my husband has spent the past 10 years in the Army, and deployed several times (more than 5, so I stopped counting!) In those 10 years I have spent plenty of time making banners, signs and more ... for the house, for the vehicle, to hold at the redeployment ceremony ... well, you get the idea. When I saw the new pattern, I knew this was definitely something that would've made those nights before his return easier ... though I still would have been sleepless with nerves.

Today, Quiltsmart released the information on their newest pattern, Banner Flags and Raw-Edge Letters, on their blog. With more than 4 new projects and patterns in 2014, I am trying to stay focused on the projects I have on my sewing table now because I am so excited to try many of the new ones! EEk!! {Deep breathes ...} But this one, I had to try right away!

From the Quilsmart Blog:
The printed fusible interfacing Quiltsmart is known for has made making your own banner flags easier than ever.  They are sure to be uniform in size and shape every time, and they sew up quickly!
To make these great banner flags, simply fuse interfacing to the wrong side of your desired fabric, put another fabric of choice right sides together with the now fused fabric, and sew on solid lines.  You will then cut on the dashed lines, and add bias tape or binding strips measured to fit. (Photo below courtesy of Quiltsmart)

Of course, when Mattie sent me some panels and asked if I wanted to try them, I said, "YES!!" 

Ok, to be honest it included a back-and-forth email conversation between Mandy, the Quiltsmart Marketing team member and I that involved a lot of "OMG! It's so cute!", and "I can't wait to see what you do with it!" or "I have this one project I want to try with these ..." Looking back, I think we sounded a bit like teen girls at a One Direction Concert ... or NSync, NKOTB ... At least there were no tears because we were "so happy this moment had come". 

So of course, I thought it was the perfect thing to use to decorate our formal dining room for winter holidays, which is more elegant than the rest of the "family-friendly" d├ęcor in our home. I love decorating with my own creations, but "formal" and "elegant" tend to scare me. 

Halfway though, as with many of the Quiltsmart patterns, I had a "brilliant idea"! 

I used the "sew, flip and fuse" technique with some poinsettia fabric, and turned them into Christmas trees, topped with a Star Struck from the ZiggZapps! series. Then I fused them onto a piece of background fabric and **PRESTO!!** I had a matching table centerpiece or wall hanging if you wanted.

In the end, I fell in love with another Quiltsmart pattern that I am sure I will find many creative used for in the future. In the past week, since my little one has started Pre-K, I have learned that carpool line is the perfect place to brainstorm about new projects and ideas. I guess it's a good idea to always have a notebook handy!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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