Saturday, November 22, 2014

Travel Back Home, Travel Back in Time

These two photos make my heart melt. The first is when my patnernal grandmother met Jamie for the first time at 4 months old. We were living in Florida at the time and had come to Texas for a month to visit family while George was on a trip for the Army. We also made a trip to Lousiana during this time for a week or so where we met my new niece who was a month old at the time.

This second photgraph is from this weekend. George had some studying to do before he could start our weekend activities and so Jamie and I decided to visit my Dad and his side of the family for a few days so he could get it done without interruption. 

Within an hour of arriving, I also learned that one of my grandmother's dearest friends had passed away that morning, it was definitely eye-opening to realize that she is not the young grandmother I still remember from when I was Jamie''s age. It's hard to face the fact that we are all aging and time is not on our side.

Yesterday, we spent quite a bit of time at my grandmother's house, where Jamie played in the same area I did as a child. 

Just like when I was a child, he walked with her to the mailbox to check the mail, something my 11 siblings, 4 cousins and I used to race each other to do when we visited. Of course, we all had the luxury of growing up next door to her, three houses in a row. All together on almost a daily basis.

We also picked acorns, which were HUGE! And she pushed him a little on the old tire swing. We walked around looking at her trees and flowers, inspected the birdhouses and sat on the porch. 

It was truly a memory-making day for him. I'm glad we are taking the time to do this.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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