Friday, December 26, 2014

A Creative Christmas

I am one of those people who get VERY excited about homemade or artistic Christmas gifts. I mean, yes, I did ask for a toaster this year and get one, but I really love artistic gifts. This year I was surprised and actually turned into a kid in a candy store when our friend and neighbor Kevin brought over presents from him and his wife Jill. 

He came over at the point when my husband and a friend were fighting a reoccurring issue with our sewer line (it looks like a piece of the plastic pipe broke off and is causing a backup. He handed hubby our gifts and started talking to hubby and friend. I came out with the friend's wife at that time and Kevin asked if we liked crosses. Erin and I said "yes" and he came back with a shoe box sized box and dumped out a pile of beautiful crosses made from silverware. 

Erin and I were like kids in a candy store, but was still hesitant to take a whole bunch, but we each took 4 (well, I had already gotten one and got 3 more.)  He was like, "Is that all you want?" but we didn't want to be greedy. It sounds like they made a whole bunch, and they were certainly beautiful. I really loved these ...

He also gave us this beautiful license plate he made with our last name. I didn't even know he was creative - in this sense. He has done a lot of stuff around his house and rebuild my late father-in-law 1935 Harley Davidson. 

I get really excited when I find new creative friends, especially when they are longtime friends to begin with!!

Until our next cup of tea ... 

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