Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Buying a New Home (Or Two) For Christmas

In the 11 years that George has been in the Army, we have met some amazing people. Many of the spouses I've met who share a love for creativity have some really amazing and unique talents. My husband spent 5 years in his first assigned unit and I was surprised with how much time I spent with the spouses and families through 2 yearlong deployments that it was AFTER we moved to another military installation that I found out some of the creative talents some of the spouses I'd seen on a weekly basis, if not more, had been keeping to themselves. O.k. it's not like they were hiding it, I just think many of them "developed" or honed their craft after we'd left.

One of those spouses. Maribel, was someone who I'd watched to learn more about being a military spouse. As a young wife, married to a newly commissioned officer, I knew that the impressions I made would be important. Maribel, the spouse of a senior officer was a great example of the poise, confidence and friendliness that I hoped to develop as I started this new life.

Though we didn't keep in close contact like some of the other friends I'd made in those firs few years, I did check in with her via Facebook a few times a year. It was a few years after we left that she introduced a line of decorative paper homes, chapels and other buildings that were the absolutely gorgeous. 

As you can imagine, life with an active toddler boy, I was a little nervous to order some of these delicate ornaments and such, so I put it off. Earlier this year, my husband bought me a china cabinet and when Christmas came around, I knew that it was the perfect time. 

In early December, my order arrived and I have to say, they were even more amazing in person than I'd seen on her website, White Berry Lane. I love that they can be personalized with names and such. I even requested all white to fit with my (future) Pink and White Christmas. It inspired me to make some more ornaments for that tree too, which I'll share later. 

I knew even before they arrived that there was no way I could put them away with the holiday decor, so with a little rearranging, they got a permanent home in the tea cabinet. 

Even the packaging is adorable and I was hesitant to unwrap them!

She also sent me this cute tea set photo which is also on display in the cabinet. 

Until our next cup of tea ... 

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