Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mommy Humor: When the Crib is Outgrown

Every mommy knows there are a few guarantees in raising children, one of those being that kids will grow. Now there are lots of reasons for keeping stuff beyond its usefulness ...

1. Save it for future children
2. It's still in good condition and throwing it away would be a waste.
3. Hadn't gotten around to taking it to a donation site or give to someone with a child younger.
4. (My weakness) "It was my baby's and I can't part with it!"

Well, last night, something I hadn't gotten around to getting rid of came to good use - in an unconventional way. 

My mom came over to pick up some stuff and help me with my (Quiltsmart) Lone Robin border for the next meeting for the Round Robin group. 

In my creative area of our office space, I have Lil Monkey's crib mattress leaning against the wall. I've offered it to 3 soon-to-be moms, who didn't need it for one reason or another. 

So last night, while trying to decide what fabric to use for a border, we tried laying it out with different fabrics and borders I'd been working on to see what combos would work best. While looking for a place to lay it out, my mom saw the mattress and said, "Can we pin it to that?" Laughing, I agreed. 

So, just like that, I suddenly had a display work surface. I'm really going to miss it when we finally get around to getting rid of it.

(** Note: this was not the border chosen for the next meeting. This border is the Diamond Border, part of the Smart-ease series. I absolutely love it!!! I'll post a photo after I reveal at the meeting on Sunday.)

Until our next cup of tea ...

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