Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sweet Christmas Treats

This might be the most important post I ever write ... it's about making Pralines. I don't know much about the other 48 states, but in Texas and Louisiana this is one of the food groups. This isn't my recipe either. My sister-in-law posted it on her Facebook page earlier this month, hinting she'd like some. (Though she didn't want to have to wait until Christmas!!) Since my husband has his third of 4 finals tonight and wouldn't be home until 10 p.m., I thought I'd try a test batch.

*** Note: The recipe was originally posted on I Love Texas Recipes Facebook page in December of 2013. 

It was quite simple ...



I had a lot of fun, despite my 4-year-old having a momentary crisis at the "critical" stage (step 4). The whole process was fun, and except for needing a lot of pecans, I had most of the supplies in my "winter" pantry.

Here's a look at my adventure ...

So really the only thing I changed was using wax paper. There is very little that I use wax paper for because most times you can substitute The Appliqué Pressing Sheet by Bear Thread Designs. While the craft sheet was originally created for fusible appliqué, its non-stick surface has also made it a interchangeable tool for other crafts and cooking.

The Appliqué Pressing Sheet comes in 3 sizes and you can special order a specific size as well. Since my parents' own the company I get leftovers, so as you can see, I have a roll of small pieces. These 3 pieces are slightly longer in width than a butter knife, so I have to us several. 

I spooned the mixture onto the sheet and let them cool for about an hour for the first batch, because I had to make dinner. The second batch was plated after about 30 minutes and sent next door when she brought over Lil Monkey's Christmas gifts we'd been hiding there.

Both batches made 14 Pralines each. When it came time to plate them, they just slid right off. I liked the sheet was study enough so that I could lift it up and check to see if they had cooled all the way though.

Then, I wrapped the extras for my sister-in-law and put them in a container that I am sure she will agree is too small! It only held 8, so I guess I'll put some on a holiday plate for her as well. I'm officially the favorite sister-in-law, at least for now.

** Note: Is The Appliqué Pressing Sheet has been stored rolled, as above, lay it on the work surface with direction of roll facing downward. 

** Note: Once The Appliqué Pressing Sheet has been used with food, it cannot be used on craft projects. 

Until our next cup of tea ...

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