Saturday, January 10, 2015

An Accidental "Sweetheart" Project

Houston we've had a problem here ... Well, yes, but maybe it can be a good thing. Well, I'm sure that's not how the conversations went with the crew of Apollo 13 when they reported a technical problem back to their Houston base, but as a Houstonian, let's just go with it for the sake of the post. (A little historical fact, they are often misquoted as saying "Houston, we have a problem" because of the Apollo 13 movie.)

Anyway, back to the post ... After dinner last night, Prince Charming offered to do dishes so I headed to the sewing room for a little relaxation and stress-relief after a hard day at work (production time at the magazine has some long days.)

After working on some pink wreaths, I was ready to get a jump-start on some Valentine's Day projects, so I pulled out my trusty bin of Quiltsmart interfacing panels and dug around looking for some Sweetheart ZigZapps! I found a panel and a half as well as some pink fabric and a project was born within minutes.

I tuned into Netflix on my iPad (I'm currently binge-watching Heroes), while I pinned and sewed the fabric heart. It must have been a cliffhanger kind of moment because I had it all sewn and cut out before realizing I'd pinned it to the wrong side of the fabric. Oh, no!! Considering that usually I do a good amount of fusible applique, I'm surprised this is the first time I've done that.

I sat there looking at this perfectly cute heart, flipping it over back and forth (like that would fix it), bummed that turning the interfacing would leave it inside out and the back on this fabric didn't have anything showing through on the other side. 

I was thought, "If I leave it like this, it will be raw-edge ... what can I do with that?" The back didn't have a slit yet in the back since I was just going to cut the smaller heart off to reuse, so I thought maybe I could put it on an craft apron as a spoon pocket and only sew up the sides, leaving the top and bottom open for a pair of scissors. Then I thought, I could just sew up the "V" portion and put it as a little pocket on a back. While I liked both of those ideas, it required me starting a larger project and I had to put The Lil Monkey to bed in an hour. I needed something fast ... LIGHT BULB! A banner!!

I dug around and found my Quiltsmart banner panels and grabbed one with some white fabric and within minutes, I had made this adorable banner. Today, I have to run errands and added to my list to get some fabric for letters. I'll add the work LOVE in between the hearts and add a ribbon across the top.

All in all the lesson here is, you never know where your mistakes will take you. If you just roll with the punches, sometimes falling down gives you a better view! 

Until our next cup of tea ... 

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