Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Heart of the Kitchen

OMG! We are only a few weeks away from Valentine's Day!! It's actually an exciting time for me because we received an early Valentine's Day present 5 years ago. Lil Monkey was born on Feb. 9, and then of course next week is my birthday so it's actually a bit of a whirlwind couple of months for us.

So of course, I'm getting an early start on lots of pink projects!! 

I wanted to make some quick projects and Quiltsmart ZigZapps! are the easiest way to do that, so I dug around in my stash and found some pink fabric and Sweetheart ZigZapps! A little stitching and flipping and I whipped up this kitchen towel!

A few friends have asked me if the Quiltsmart ZigZapps! are really as easy as I say. So let me walk you through how I do them.

First, I cut around the border of the ZigZapp! Then pin it to the right side of the fabric with the textured fusible side towards the fabric.

Then I stitch on the solid line.

I cut out the stitched piece on the dotted line, then carefully cut out the inset ZigZapp! if there is one. If there is a dotted line in the center, like the small heart, I cut on that line before sewing.

Then carefully flip the fabric so the right side of fabric is facing out and the printed interfacing is on the back with the textured fusible side facing out.

I lay the turned piece on an Applique Pressing Sheet or Grip-n-Press by Bear Thread Designs with the interfacing on the craft sheet and iron it flat. This will prevent the fusible from transferring to my work surface.

Next I lay it on the background fabric and iron it down. The fusible will tack it down to the fabric, but depending on the fabric, like this textured towel I sometimes need to pin it.

Then stitch it stitch it down. Now, usually I stitch it to the background fabric with clear thread using a zigzag stitch, however this one I wanted to have a white stitched line show. The you finish your project as planned.

See, easy peasy! It took me less than an hour to make this, with 4 "life crisis" interruptions from a 4-year-old and taking pictures of each step. Now, it's your turn! Let me know when you try a project, I'd love to see it!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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