Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blogging Buddies: Creative Baggage

Some might call this the most romantic week of the year, as we countdown the last 7 days until Valentine's Day. This year I have been reflecting on creative people whom I love!

Creative people often find themselves surrounded by other crafting people, its our nature to find people with like minds and interests. Lets face it for many of us crafty people, we want friends who tell us its o.k. to buy stuff while we still have 600 half-finished projects, even if our husbands are telling us to finish something before we start another. {Raises hand and nods head in admittance of guilt.}  

First I want to tell you about the person who is as best a craft friend a girl can have considering we've never met. You may know her at Quiltsmart Mandy, but before that, she was (and still is) Mandy at Creative Baggage.

As "Quiltsmart Mandy" you may have seen or talked to her at Quiltsmart's blog, social media accounts and even followed along as she walks your through creative Quiltsmart projects throughout the year.

At her blog, Creative Baggage, she takes her readers through a variety of other creative interests as well. Much like me, she is a creative butterfly, floating through a variety of creative worlds such as cooking, quilting, sewing, and kids crafts. Lately she has been taking us on a wild adventure in the kitchen with projects that will make your mouth water, your tummy grumble and inspire you to tie on an apron. 

The only thing she doesn't do it tell you how to get the magically housecleaning fairies to wash your dishes. {sigh} I don't think she's figured that one out yet, either!

My favorite part is that Mandy is very aware of promoting creative kids. Whether her little helpers are crafting alongside of her or she is creating projects for you to share with your little ones, she definitely believes that childhood should be sprinkled with creativity!

Mandy and I collaborate on a lot of things and talk almost weekly unless one of the kids is sick and needs attention and love only a Mommy can give. We brainstorm about projects, talk about fabrics, think up new themes and generally focus on how to help you, our visitors, learn more ways to be creative in efficient and unique ways! Between the 2 of us we have a variety of social media and blogs so it is something that is always on our minds.

I think our husbands may have conspired to keep up apart in real life for fear we'd never come out of whatever creative cave we conjure up. It's probably a good idea, we could go on for days with only chocolate and lattes to fuel us.

If you have some time to check out her blog, definitely pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea {and some cookies} and dive in because you are in for a creative treat!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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