Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life with a Picky Eater: Dinner and a Show

Life with a child is never easy, and my once "eat anything you give him" child has progressively become a bit of a picky eater in the last 2 years and we decided that once he turned 5, he was no longer going to get special meals - dinner is dinner. Well, it's been 10 days since he turned 5 and some days are easy, some days are not.

Tonight was one of those "not" days. 

A neighbor had dropped off some chili earlier today, something Jamie has had before. He ate it last week when I made chili, but her made me take all the beans out after the first 2 or 3 bites. This time however, he decided he didn't want to even try it. It was a good old fashioned standoff.

He did a lot of stalling ... He stated he was allergic to "it". A few minutes later he started moaning that he wished he was in outer space. {That was hard to keep a straight face during.} I told him he was going to sit at the table until he ate his dinner {we only make him eat half.} However, Daddy said it wasn't fair to make me sit there and gave him 15 minutes to eat or he'd go to bed early ... and hungry.

 He was trying every trick in the book to distract us. He confessed that he hurt a friend in school today, and growled at the teacher who corrected him. Yeah ... he was that desperate. 

He reminisced about the Disney cruises we went on ... then he laid out in detail what he was going to do once he finished eating ... 

Then it turned conversational ... "Mama, what do you think about how much I eat? Look how much I eat." I was like, "Dude, you've only eaten like 5 bites."

The Daddy calls time is up. Boy, the tears began to flow! He begged for more time. Daddy gave him 5 minutes, he negotiated for 10, then 9,then 8 ... this kid! 

Daddy gave him 5 more minutes. So he starts to give himself a pep talk. He kept saying, "O.k. now, only 10 more bites. 10 more bites and I'll be done." ... "9 more bites ... 8 more bites ..."

Then he kept shoveling too many bites in his mouth and ended up gagging.Oh, goodness. I don't know why as kids we make this so hard! I'm not going to deny it, I was a picky eater, but I also had 11 other siblings who had no problem scarfing the food I was hesitant to eat. 

We eventually achieved success. He then climbed into bed with Daddy to watch a movie and fell asleep. Tomorrow is another night. Let the adventures continue.

So now you have a peek "behind the scenes" at life at The Teacup Cottage. I thought I could get some blogging done while I sat with him at dinner, but as you see, it got a little dramatic. I do have something excited coming to The Teacup Cottage.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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