Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Living Everyday #CreativelyInspired

At the start of 2015 I knew I wanted to focus on being more creatively inspired. It's not that I haven't been inspired in the past, I just decided that I would live each day open to the chance to be inspired. Whether its the color of the flowers in front of my son's school, the design on the shirt of a random stranger in the grocery store or taking something and using it in a new and different way, I wanted to be open to opportunities.

Living life more creatively helps keep the boredom caused by the repetition of daily life at bay. Earlier today I was watching an episode of Heroes on Netflix and one of the characters was in the kitchen with a grey, yellow and white dish towel and for some reason the pattern caught my eye and I made a quick note of it in my quilting notebook. I may use it in a quilt one day, I may not, but it caught my attention.

Yesterday, received a package from Quiltsmart with some panels I needed for projects in progress. Inside they had included some extra panels from various Quiltsmart patterns or ZigZapps and I spent about an hour this morning sorting through and trying to decide on some quick projects to do.

Inside the scrap pack, was a partial panel of Mary's Flower Garden. It looked like they needed one flower from it for a project or something so I had 5 flowers to work with on the panel.

I've really been going through a "French Colonial" phase, or shabby chic, depending on my level of relaxation. When I got home after work, I dug through my fabric and found this beautiful yellow floral that I had been saving for a "special" project because there wasn't a lot of it.

After getting the Lil Monkey settled into a Lego project and doing some cleaning in the kitchen, I sat down at my sewing machine and whipped up a project in no time. Within two hours I had 4 flowers and all the fabric cut that I needed to make a summer-inspired table topper.  I just need to sew it all together. Hopefully, I can get some time one day this week to finish it up. Life has been a little busy lately. 

I love that it is so easy to try different backgrounds when working with ZigZapps. I know you can do the same with a quilt block or border, but its so fun to take what you already have and see what you can create. This green was really pretty as well, but I just love the floral fabric.

After playing around with fabrics for a bit, I made some decisions for the project before Lil Monkey decided it was time to play outside and I am all up for sitting on the porch. Well, I'm off to clean up my work space now that porch time is over ... maybe I'll find a little more of inspiration in that pile of fabric. I hope every day you look for ways to stay #CreativelyInspired.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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