Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mommy Humor: Juggling Creativity in Life's Special Moments

I have quite a list of friends who keep me #CreativelyInspired, and I have to point out, not all of my crafty friends have blogs, sell their products or publicly post their projects. Some of these friends started their creative adventures because they enjoyed the art medium they use and as a part of their enjoyment, they have found ways to incorporate it into their everyday lives, either getting crafty with their kids or using their talents to create memorable events for their families. One of those friends, is Elissa.

Elissa and I met in college. I attended the same college as our two husbands - at that time the guys were still on probationary status as to whether we'd spend the rest of our lives with them - good new, they passed!

Elissa was a military spouse like me, our husbands commissioned about a year apart. She attended a neighboring university and would visit on weekends, where we spent most of our times shaking our heads at the crazy ideas the husbands and their friends chose to do for fun. Ten years later we still spend our weekends the same way - just not with their friends, but with their sons.

Both Elissa and I survived military separations with the help of a fur-baby and crafty arts. Both of us had kids at or near the end of our active duty Army life and we are both grateful that our husbands have the chance to spend those precious moments making memories with us instead of us having to tell them in letters, emails and video chats. Both of us are now working moms, who can get overwhelmed by projects we do for our child's special moments, but find it worth the lack of sleep when we see their smiles.

It was no surprise that she was my first thought today as sat in the carpool line, with 20 minutes until school let out, frantically trying to put together a Batman airplane to serve as a cake topper for my son's birthday cake this weekend. I texted her a picture halfway through, because I knew she has probably had a moment like that at some point as well. 

True to her nature, she offered encouraging words, a little bit of humor and a lot of perspective at my last minute predicament. I didn't quite get it finished, and there's a second something or other that I have to put together. I dropped a Lego or two between the seats, just for a bit of added suspense and panicked trying to cover it when the Lil Monkey was delivered to the vehicle. 

Life is one big adventure, and with inspiring friends like "Miss Lissa", there's not half-finished project that we can't find a little humor in attempting. I'll have to post photos of the cake when we pick it up on Saturday!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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