Friday, March 13, 2015

A Yarn of a Tale!

I'm sorry it has been so quite here this week. I have had quite a busy week preparing for next Week's Spring Break and the new Texas Tea&Travel Magazine has really had an explosion of interest so I have been meeting with new potiental partners the past 2 weeks.

I can honestly say, working as a quilting and creative coordinator for the magazine is definitely a perk and I have the chance to visit a variety of shops and businesses. Last week I visited a variety of small towns in the Houston-Galveston corridor, including League City on Friday. 

Now, League City is a quaint little Texas town with tree-lined streets, multic-colored cottages, and steepled churches. It's ranked as a top 5 birding destination in the United States and is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.

One thing that makes this community so fun to visit is that it is home to Park Avenue Yarns. Sure, my regular readers may be wondering why I am so excited to visit a yarn shop with yarn being my Kryptonite and everything, but even though I often feel like a cat tangled in yarn when I am trying to crochet, I still get excited when I see all the beautiful yarns that are available.

Park Avenue Yarns definitely has a plethora of beautiful tarn that makes you want to sit on the floor (or in a comfy chair) and start working on a scarf, afghan or some other home decor project. 

They have a great selection of yarn, patterns, needles, notions, fabric and more. I'm a little partial to the pinks and greys, but that's just the tip of the options. 

The shop itself is so inviting from it's brightly colored doors to its friendly staff. When they heard that yarn and I were not the best of friends, they invited me to stop in for a class or two. They even suggested that maybe knitting would be easier. I can't imagine two needles are easier than one, but they are the experts. I may have to check into taking a class this summer when Lil Monkey is at the grandparents for a day or something. 

I was definitely excited to see fabrics, and their choices are so cute. I could decorate a whole cottage with these brightly colored fabrics. (Not that hubby would be happy if I started to redecorate the whole house from scratch, but a girl can dream.)

I definitely see the potiental of making a quilt and comfy slippers and pillows to add to an afternoon on the porch. Throw in a cup of tea and I'm sold! 

Check out Park Avenue Yarns if you are in the League City, Texas, area or if you can't get away, their website has many of their adorable yarns and other items as well. 

Until our next cup of tea ... 

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