Friday, March 27, 2015

Get Scrap-Happy!!

It's time to get scrap-happy!! 

After I complete a project, I generally have a pile (big and small) of scraps. Many of them are pretty significant in size, like these leftovers from a stack of Quiltsmart Pumpkin Seeds I am working on. 

A few years ago I started collecting them in a box and soon learned that there are many projects that you can do using all these scraps, but I am not a fan of making the random "scrappy" quilts because my brain really can't handle "random". Seriously, my brain makes patterns even if I try to be random, so I just stick to symetrical and patterns in my quilts.

So last year ago when I started "A Year of Quiltsmart", I learned about many of their projects at could be done using these scrap, so as I am doing projects now, I cut up my scraps in various-sized squares (depending on the size of the scraps) and save them for future projects.

My pile got quite large so I started seperating and putting them in small zippered bags and store them in my "Scrap Box". I figure this will make it easier later when I get started on a project in the future. 

I also keep a bin of small leftovers for the same reason. Small scraps from various projects may not make something big by itself, but when you pair it with complimenting fabrics, you can expand it.

So how can you use scraps to make Quiltsmart projects? Well, I was first introduced to Quiltsmart watercolor panels by my mom. She gave me a panel of the 2" On Point watercolor panel, which I cut down to placemat size and used fall colors to create this mat for my coffee table this past fall.

They also have other watercolor panels, 3-different sizes and square.

Other fun projects that can make you "scrap-happy" are totes and bags. Quiltsmart has several bags including Bitty, Midi and Mondo - all bags perfect for any outing. 

I think a project that would be really fun to try with scraps is their new Maple Leaf project.

I'll post some projects when I get more finished.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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