Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beautiful Thank You Stitched with Love

Get the tissues. Yesterday I spoke with a dear friend of mine from our first duty station during our first years as a military family. Mike was a bit of a big brother and comic relief during my husband's second deployment, he was also my go-to subject matter expert when I surprised George with a Glock for his birthday.

Yesterday, Mike and I were talking about a quilt that a friend of his recently made using his old uniforms he'd saved through his many years of military service. He presented the quilt to his mom.

The quilt is pretty awesome! Here's a close up.

Here's what Mike said about the quilt ...

The pocket in the center has a piece of ACU attached to the pocket with an embroidered message to my mom on it. Folded up and stuck in the pocket.

This quilt, made from my uniforms, seems like such a small token of my appreciation for the decades of support and love shown to me while pursuing my dreams. Your very own piece of "The Blanket of Freedom" we fought to provide for those we love. Thank you, Mom.

The underside and outside border is one of my "woobies". (Some military personnel refer to the poncho liner as a "woobie" showing the same attachment an infant has for its blanket. Many servicemen and women go through great lengths to find ways to keep their poncho liners as long as possible, even after they have left the military.)

Mike said he still has many uniforms left and his friend is making him another quilt for himself, with all the name tapes, ranks, badges, unit patches, zippers, pockets, seams, straps, bells and whistles that are included on all the uniforms he saved.

I just wanted to share this great story. I am always amazed at the stories I see of how service members and their loved ones choose to commemorate their service.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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