Monday, April 20, 2015

Explore More Monday: Antiques and More

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I am an antique store stalker - if there is such a thing. I am always looking for a new store to explore. Maybe it's because my paternal grandparents had an old workshed and later a unused barn that housed many of their unused items from furniture to farm equipment, but if it has a useful purpose they held on to it. I loved to explore and look around when my dad was looking for a tool or part or something, so now I relive those treasure hunts in antique shops.

Antiques and More in Houston, Texas, is just one of the many shops around the city that I stop and visit to get my antique "fix". Owners Hollis and Doris are so great to talk to about the things they have found at estate sales and such. I have visited the store repatedly in the past few weeks since it opened, and thought I's share some of my favorite treasures this shop holds.

I took photos of this beautiful teaset and collection of trays because at Texas Tea&Travel Magazine and TEAinTEXAS teas, our staff routinely hosts tea parties and other social events for charities, churches, women's groups and other organizations. I assume my boss is always looking for more serving ware.

When I comes to trays I absolutely love the way they have been displayed in ecclectic arrays on walls in dining rooms and tea rooms. I would love to do that one day when I have a dining room large enough.  

Hollis pointed out these trays on one visit. She said they are Italian. They are so beautiful, I'm not sure if she said they were handpainted or if I just assumed, but I'll have to find out for sure. They are amazing!!

This pipe and opera glasses were trasures I saw on my last trip to the shop. I love them and really am I the only one who thinks at least one of those opera glasses looks like Wall-E from the Disney movie with the same name?

My latest obsession has been blue and white patterned plates. Not pattern in particular, though I love the ones that are white with blue like this top one versus the more blue ones and I do prefer flowers to people, landscapes and animals. The first time I walked into Antiques and More, I noticed they had quite a selction and it has only grown with each visit. I did take home a handpainted blue and white plate on that first visit, and will try to remember to post a photo at some point. 

I'm sure the obsession comes because I recently bought some beautiful blue and white print fabric that I wanted to make a quilt and possibly throw pillows from to go in our livingroom. But really, these are just so classic! Colors, styles and other trends come and go, but the classic never get old.

The real key to enjoying antique shops in that look at it as a type of scavenger hunt. You never know what treasures you'll find, but you won't find them if you don't at least look. You may not always leave with a purchase, but you'll always leave with a memory and if you're lucky, great story!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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