Monday, April 27, 2015

Explore More Monday: Fun Not Extinct at Dinosaur Museum!

Science is fun. Not "maybe", not "could be", not "sometimes". Science is fun ... period. Whether your making something, discovering something or exploring something, science is fun. That is the mantra we have lived by with Lil Monkey from the earliest moments. 

This past weekend  we attended a birthday party at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, in Houston's Museum District. We have been here about 5 times in the last 18-months and everytime is like the first time - for all of us. Every time Lil Monkey looks at a dinosaur its like he's seeing it for the first time. He is awestruck, excited and enraptured ... and quite verbal about it. At first I felt sorry for the other people at the museum when he'd run around trying to see everything and talking 100 mph, but then I thought, "maybe they need to see the excitement of a child when he sees all of these exhibits, maybe they can learn something from the questions he asks or maybe they will have the answers." Now that I am a mom, I am painfully aware of the fact that I do not have all the answers. 

So, there we were, at a dinosaur exhibit with 15 or more 4, 5, 6 year-old kids and older. Most, if not all the kids were classmates and school mates of Lil Monkey, and they are taught to explore and ask questions. So while many of us moms tried to prevent the kids from playing or distracting each other on the tour, we were quite excited with the questions they were asking and how many were answering the guide's questions with thought out answers.

On this day, we only explored the dinosaur exhibit and the interactive space and planet exhibit, though the kids did get to hang out in a shark cage momentarily in front of that traveling exhibit. 

The HMNS is definitely one of our favorite hometown museums. In previous visits we've explored the Hall of Ancient Egypt (not a favorite for Lil Monkey, but Prince Charming loved it), as well as game fish exhibit, Hall of African Wildlife, Earth Forum, and Texas Wildlife Exhibit.  We also looked at (from afar) special exhibits such as the Faberge Collection, Shark Exhibit and Gemstone Carvings Exhibit.  

These are some photos from our visit this past weekend ...

The tour guide said that this was actually fossilized dinosaur skin that they found near an almost completely intact dinosaur. 

If you haven't visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science, or if it's been a while, you should definitely schedule a day to tour this amazing world of science. You're sure to find something to catch your attention, even if its a dinosaur food fight! 

Until our next cup of tea ...   

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