Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pranking Myself on April Fool's Day!!

I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s Day. I admit that on any given day I fall for obvious pranks and jokes, so a day dedicated to just that and when everyone is trying to outdo another person, I am quite skittish. But today, I inadvertently pranked myself.

Yesterday after picking up Lil Monkey at school, driving an hour towards home and stopping for cold groceries, I got the phone call that my Tahoe repairs were finished and I could come pick it up and return the loaner car. So I filled the car with gas and headed to the dealership to get my beloved Tahoe.

It never occurred to me that they would’ve used much gas moving my truck in and out and whatever else is required in repairs. For the record, I usually fill it up at the ¼ tank mark. Well, when Lil Monkey and I got in Tahoe for school this morning I saw that I was below a ¼ tank and decided to get gas after I dropped him at school. Since its an hour and a half drive with morning traffic the slightest delay could make us very late.

After loading up Little Monkey, his bags and my work stuff we headed off for the day. About 45 minutes into our drive, Little Monkey asked for something … I can’t remember but it had something to do with my phone. I told him to see where my purse was, asked if he could he reach it to get my phone at which point he said he couldn’t see it. Once we got to the standstill traffic portion of our trip, I looked around and sure enough I’d left my purse which included phone, iPad and wallet. That of course meant that I couldn’t get gas. And I was down to an eighth of a tank of gas. Not good.

Since we were less than 15 miles from school and there was no place to turn around until that exit, I decided to at least get him to school. If I was going to be stranded on the side of the road, I didn’t want to be stuck with a child.

After dropping him at school, I was seriously sweating the drive back. It seemed like everyone was going extremely slow. About 15 miles from home my low fuel warning and I really started to get nervous. I took a backroad to the house thinking it would save a little time/mileage and if I had to breakdown, I’d rather walk a less busy street. 

At 1.6 miles from home I got stuck by a train. NOOOO! 

Luckily, the train passed and I was home free. After getting to the house, I grabbed my purse and said a quick prayer before heading to the neighborhood gas station. I was delayed by some meandering peacocks, but I finally made it. My 24-gallon gas tank required 22.89 gallons of gas! Yikes!! Hopefully the rest of the week will be much calmer. Fingers crossed!! 

Until our next cup of tea ...

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