Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pretty in Pink ... Welcoming Baby ...

We've had quite a busy day and while my lil guy sleeps for a bit, I thought I'd post this really quickly. Today, among other activities, we had a luncheon at a tearoom for my youngest sister who is expecting her first baby. She had a larger baby shower earlier in Louisiana with most of our family, so today was just a small gathering.

My mom (not her mom, we share a dad) asked me earlier in the week to pick up some stuff since she was out town and only returned late last night. So I picked up stuff for both of our gifts earlier this week and decided that instead of gift bags, I would get some cute boxes that she could reuse for organization. This is what I came up with ...

Adorable, right!?! They were quite easy to make. First I made the plastic wicker basket. I just found a basket when shopping and then pulled some leftover ribbon. Then I measured the basket and cut ribbon about 2 inches longer. I used hot glue and adhered it to the basket. I used the last of the ribbon to make a bow. 

The second box I made was for the gifts I gave her. This one was quite easy, though it required a few more supplies.

I bought a white shoe box and pink paper doilies, and gathered a paper plate, foam brush, glue and an Applique Pressing Sheet by Bear Thread Designs.

The first step, after determining where I wanted to place the doilies, was to put glue on the back of the doilies. The first two were a bit of trial and error. I was (admittedly) a little lazy and decided to use a paper plate for the glue "palette" and one to lay the paper doilies on to apply the glue, instead of walking ALL THE WAY to my craft room to grab an Applique Pressing Sheet (I was working in the kitchen). In the words of Julia Roberts ... "Big Mistake! Big!"

The glue seeped through the paper and made the paper plate tacky, so other paper doilies stuck to the plate. By the third doily I walked my lazy self to the craft room and got an Applique Pressing Sheet. I was able to apply the glue to each doily in "clean" parts of the APS and when the glue dried, I just wiped the glue off with a damp paper towel. Super easy!!

After I applied the glue, I placed each one. I placed each one where the doily would fold over, either over the top or bottom of the box. I just really liked the way that looked. I smoothed down the part that was on the side first and them folded over and smoothed down the other part. The glue made the paper doilies very wet, so I had to be extra gentle.

Once I finished the box, I also applied some to the lid. I really fell in love with this project. I'm definitely going to have  make some more.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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