Friday, April 10, 2015

Travel Comfort for a Little Princess ...

I apologize for recent quietness at The Teacup Cottage, but the past two weeks I have spent most of my free time with my favorite Rae of Sunshine and her family. My husband's chilhood friend and his family, unexpectedly returned home when an elderly aunt passed away about 10 days ago. The Navy only gave him a little bit of time so he and their pre-teen son returned home last weekend, but his wife and their daughter stayed to help his mom sort through all the estate stuff. 

Last week, Erin (his wife) said that she and their daughter "Rae" would be flying back, so I decided to make her a quick little travel blanket and pillow to help Erin with all that she'd have to carry through the airport while keeping track of a energetic (almost) 2-year-old. I had to do that once and it was not fun because there was so much for Lil Monkey to see.

So when Erin said Rae likes giraffes I knew which theme I'd go with, after all they are my favorite animal! So I stopped at Hobby Lobby one day at the end of the week and picked up a yard each of a green and grey cotton fabric, a green and white polka dot fabric and green plaid flannel. 

Because Hobby Lobby uses scissors and a "guess-timate" method for fabric, I just cut down the giraffe cotton and flannel fabrics to a size that was equal to each other, approximately 32 inches by 38 inches. (One of them was really cut "wonky" so I lost a little). I pinned them together right sides together and sewed a 5/8" seam all the way around leaving a 6-inch gap for turning. I turned the blanket right side out and pinned down the opening, then stitched a 1/4 all the way around to secure it. All in all, it took me about 30-minutes or so.   

I used the green polka dot fabric to make a pillowcase from a single piece of fabric. Its the method I use for all my throw pillows so I can remove the cover and wash them. On Monday, I'll post the step-by-step directions for that quick, 15-minute project, since we have quite the schedule-packed weekend.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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