Friday, May 1, 2015

Creative Minds Create Lasting Gratitude

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States. This week, near the end of a school year gives students, parents and even schools the chance to show their gratitude for the hardwork, and long nights teachers give throughout the year to help the next generation be stronger.

My son's school started a project a few years ago where students can create a page expressing their thanks wither my words, art or both and then bind them for the teachers. This year, I was in charge of creating this one of a kind masterpiece for Lil Monkey's Pre-K class, and though it took some time, it was definitely worth it to make sure our teachers know how much of an impact they have on our children, especially at the start of their educational journey. 

Teachers can sometimes spend more time with our children than we do during a school year and having strong, dedicated educators is important. My grandmother was an educator who retired as an assistant principal and she put her whole heart into each and every child who crossed her path. I have no doubt my son's teachers do the same. Here is part of our class's project.

We've got some budding arts in the group for sure. Through the next week I'll show you some simple homemade gifts we've done for our teachers in the past and what we have done this year!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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