Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gratitude, Growth and Gifts

I'm sorry that my slight illness (some sort of cold or allergy) has made my head all muddled. UGH! I forgot to take a finished picture, but I can still walk you through what we did.

First aI picked up these two potted miniature rose bushes. They were so small and cute! I kind of wish I had gotten one for me. We were originally going to repot them in a flower pot that Lil Monkey decorated, but the florist had these white cardboard holders and so I decided to let him decorate those.

Over the past few years we've done these gifts, and working with teachers in several previous jobs, teachers have mostly said the same this ... they prefer potted plants to cut flowers because they last longer!

The flowers on these miniature rose bushes were absolutely adorable, so it was an easy choice from the potted plants selection.

This is a sneak peek at Lil Monkey's  decorated box.  His did a space picture (current classroom theme) for one teacher, and an ocean picture (previous classroom theme) for the other teacher. He has really enjoyed the emersion classroom experience this year.

Again, I'm sorry I forgot to take an "after" photo, but there are so many adorable ways you can do this project. You can decoate a pot with buttons or stones or paint. I've been wanting to do a fingerprint pot (like the Pinterest proejct below).

Until our next cup of tea ...

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