Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Today's Quick Note of Gratitude for our Teachers

Today's Teacher Appreciation Gift was an easy, interactive project that Lil Monkey got to help me put together. We filled two plastic pencil boxes with pencils, pens, and sticky notes. Then we added stickers to the top of the box that said, "Just a little note to remind you how awesome you are!"

For the sticky notes, we made some holders. I got two free standing plastic picture holders and two with magnets on the back. Both were 4x6 inch photo sizes.

After I cut  a 4x6 inch piece of card stock for each one, I let Lil Monkey decorate with some stickers and he wrote his teachers' names on them. The we just paced them in the plastic picture frames and added sticky note pads to them. 

** Side note: The name brand, Post-It sticky notes actually stick the best.

The first year we made the sticky note pad holders was in 2013 for Lil Monkey's Pre-K 2 class. They were a hit!

Lil Monkey's teachers were very happy to get their "treasure boxes" today. 

Until our next cup of tea ...

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