Friday, June 19, 2015

A Hiccup in the Plans ... Hanging at the Hospital

What a long and exhausting two weeks it has been here at The Teacup Cottage. Last Sunday, on June 7, my hsuband's aunt called to say her husband, who has had health issues for a few year had  passed away after 3 months in the hospital. I spent the next day with her, and over the next few days I made meals and such to help her in the upcoming weeks. The following Thursday and Friday were the services and she told us to check in with her on Monday after all the visiting family members had left.

I spoke with her Monday morning, made tenative plans to meet up later in the week so she could spend time with Lil Monkey and then a few short hours later my brother called with the news that my dad has been taken to the hospital where they suspected he'd had a heart attack. While they were assessing him, he had another heart attack and they decided to do a baloon and stint proceedure to unblock 3 arteries, only to find once they had him in surgery that it was not an option and they immediately switched to a heart bypass surgery to repair the three damaged arteries, using a vein from his leg.

I immediately made plans to fly out to Louisiana where he was and, long story shortened, had q barrage of trouble with the airline that ended in me missing a flight, being bumped to a later flight which was then delayed - twice, and eventually ending up in New Orleans 5 hours later.

I met my siblings for dinner near the hospital - which was without its own dilemmas including bad directions and a dead phone. Fun.

I saw my dad about 8 p.m. that night and for the most part he had been out of it most of the day, so it was more for my own comfort than his. I was able to spend the next 3 days with him while he recovered, quite well according to his medical team.

With all that said, I had every intention on posting a matching freebie pattern to partner with the featured pattern at Quiltsmart this month. I will upload the directions for that pattern tomorrow, with a "In-progress" photo since I was unable to get it stitched and quilted. I will add a complete photo later with the cover of the pattern if you are collecting that portion for organization.

True to my nature, there was no way I could just sit around at the hospital for 12 hours a day and since the recent projects I've been working on are either on the sewing machine or a large crocheted afghan, there was nothing to take with me. I got to the hospital early on Tuesday with a collection of Loius Lamour books from my grandfather's collection, and my grandmother was already there. The day before when she was at the hospital with my dad, she lost her crochet hook and was already going stir crazy when I arrived. So a short time later I was headed to Hobby Lobby a few short miles away. 

While I was there I also looked for a quick  stitching project and stumbled on some pre-stamped quilt blocks and chose a colonial pattern block and chose a deep teal embroidery floss to stitch the pattern in. 

For the next few days I sat and stitched on one of the blocks while my dad slept. Those pain meds and the rehab starting on day 3 really took it out of him.

It definitely kept me occupied - well that and binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

Well, off to do laundry and hang out withe Lil Monkey ... And convert our home menu to a heart healthy diet! 

Until our next cup of tea ...

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