Friday, June 26, 2015

Pinterest Project: So Much Sharpie Color!

We've all looked longingly at Pinterest Projects and dream of recreating so many cute ideas, some of us even attempt to undertake these pinned creations. I've done a few Pinterest Projects over the years, some came out great, some not so much brag-worthy.

In fact, one not-so-worthy project was the Sharpie Mug. Have you seen them? Initially the projects theorized that you could draw, write, decorate, etc. on a ceramic cups with Sharpie permanent markers, then bake them for 30 minutes inn a 350 degree oven and let cool. Lil Monkey had done one in the past where he drew a picture on a mug. First wash, it wiped off. Prince Charming was bummed to say the least. 

The problem people found was that the permanent marker was not so permanent. When washed, like you would expect to be able to do with a mug, the marker starts to wear off. Hmm, there was a lot of discontent over this on Pinterest, however, soon a solution was found. Using oil-based Sharpies provides the permanency needed.

For Father's Day, I didn't have much chance to plan an project for Lil Monkey to do since I went home last week while my Dad was in the hospital. So Sunday morning, I pulled out the cup of Sharpies and a ceramic mug from the craft room. I searched and found several types of scrapbook letters.   

Its a good thing I grabbed several types of scrapbook letters, because the first two wouldn't stick to the cup, even when I cleaned it with alcohol. The third letters, super sticky, finally stuck. I double checked it by using the end of the Sharpie to rub the stickers down. 

The next step was to to just surround the letters with as many colorful dots as possible. Now once again, I set myself up for failure by imagining how excited and interested Lil Monkey would be to do this project. I started by showing him how to put dots on the inside of the letters.

He was excited! He grabbed a black Sharpie and attempted to make dots. I asked if maybe he wanted to try a colorful marker, while inwardly chastising myself for not removing the black ones. He insisted that he wanted to use the black one. He had about 20 random dots done when he decided he wanted to write a message and draw a picture. In that instance, I could have insisted that we were making dots according to my pre-conceived idea of what it should look like, but I decided to take a deep breathe and let him be as creative as he wanted to be. In the end, it was the best choice EVER!! Look at how cute this is!!

After he lost interest in the project, I added a bunch of dots to complete the project then I baked it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and then left it in the oven to cool while we went to lunch. 

Now, at this point you may be asking why would I do this project if I've seen so many negative reviews of the Sharpie rubbing off. Well, good question ... I'd seen where you can spray the project with a clear sealant, but then drinking from that seemed like it may be harmful, or wash off eventually. So we decided that Daddy/Prince Charming could use it for pens or something on his desk. 

Later that day, I was trying to imagine other projects that we could use the colorful dots on and as I was sorting through some of my extra craft supplies in my craft room, I found a white cardboard tube that was too damaged to pack tea in for TEAinTEXAS teas, so it was sent home with me to do something "creative". I thought this would be a perfect backdrop for using the colorful dots.

I grabbed another letter sticker, this time an "M", and placed it on the cardboard tube. Now, small disclaimer: when using a cardboard or paper base, you might not need it to be as "sticky" as needed for the ceramic or porcelain cup. I followed the same dot technique using teal and pink Sharpies.

I love it!! I think I'm going to leave the top off and use it to store my crochet hooks in ... all 3 of them!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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