Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quietly Crafting, Life at the Cottage

Life at The Teacup Cottage is finally finding a rhythm as we settle into summer. Working from home is a little hard when you have a very active 5-year-old and a craft room that is whispering your name louder and louder each day, but I am finding my way.

Last week, Quiltsmart featured my first ever {written} pattern on their website. I quantify {written} because anyone who knows me knows that patterns are merely a guide for me. I am always looking for creative ways to change things or meld two pattern together or really whatever comes to mind when I find myself "CreativelyInspired.

Since the pattern was finished, I have been working on several projects - quilting and non-quilting. 

I am working on a Charity Quilt Contest to be held at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival August 13-15, in Loveland, CO. (More on that soon ...)

I am working on a matching project to the Celebrate Freedom Table Runner to post here in a few days. 

I am working on finishing my Quiltsmart Round Robin from this past year, and admit, I am more than a little behind. Yikes ...

I am enjoying trying new crafts with Lil Monkey on days we stay home and will post a fun one for you tomorrow. 

I am finding myself happy with the progress I am making on the afghan I'd posted about earlier and find that I am not so desperately tragic in this endeavor after all. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

All of these projects are keeping me quite busy, as well as my daily work, house chores and life with Lil Monkey. Oh, yeah, we've also had fun feeding the orphaned baby goat on my mom's ranch ... so much going on!

Hope you're finding time to happily stitch or whatever makes you happy.

Until our next cup of tea .. 

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