Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Teacup Cottage Featured!

Yesterday evening, I got a exciting text from Mandy@Quiltsmart. She sent me a message to check out the Quiltsmart website because my pattern, Celebrate Freedom! Tablerunner was featured on their website! Just so I wouldn't have to wait, she sent me this photo ...

I literally squealed with excitement, which of course startled Prince Charming and Lil Monkey since we were in the truck leaving the movie theater. 

The whole premise of my blog is an "every (wo)man" look at projects and crafts because if I can do it, anyone can. Quilting especially is something I am still nervous about showing people because I feel like despite having a mom who is a professional in the field, I am still the very definition of "novice". I don't we never actually sat down and had a "this is what you do" session. I wasn't interested until I was a teen, and of course by then, it was so uncool to ask to be taught, so I just mimicked what I'd seen her do and stuck to fairly simple, large square-block quilts.

I attempted to do a diamond quilt once, I did it in the longest way possible ... and in the past 20 years since I started, its still not done.

A few years ago, I learned the basics of fusible applique when I began demonstrating The Applique Pressing Sheet for my mom's company, Bear Thread Designs, but I never really got further than fusing them to background fabrics. I actually have a few that are hanging in my craft closet, ready to be sent off for quilting.

It wasn't until about 3 or so years ago when our Army travels brought us home and my Mom introduced me to Mattie and Quiltsmart that I finally started to feel like "I could do this" when I looked at a quilt pattern. Soon, it got the the point that most quilt patterns that I look at, I immediately think, "How can I do that with Quiltsmart fusible interfacing?" This past year, as I embarked upon The Year of Quiltsmart, I have explore and attempted more than I would have imagined with quilting. 

I am so excited about where Quiltsmart has taken me whether its creating projects they have like the Lone Star Quilt, or exploring creatively and designing with ZigZapps! or just helping me build confidence in quilting.

I encourage you to give Quiltsmart a try. You never know where a new (quilting) adventure can lead!!

Until our next cup of tea ....

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