Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Surprise Longarm Adventure

I've been quite busy here at The Teacup Cottage. We are about 2 weeks away from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Loveland, Co. My mom's company recently acquired this show and it has been a lot of work preparing and planning such a large event. I've done a lot of the marketing and vendor "recruitment" for her since I've had more experience at it and was able to give her a bit of an outline of this type of event promotion. She's planned many quilting events, but I think she was a little unsure of the marketing for this sort of thing beyond the usual quilt shops and guilds. So now that we are about two weeks away, there is a small break and she called to see if I'd like to join her for a quilting project later. It was an easy "yes", especially when I found out she'd also provide a free babysitter for Lil Monkey via my stepdad.

We headed to one of her friend's house who had a new ArtisticQuilter 18-8dx Longarm Quilting Machine. It took us about 4 hours to get the machine completely set up (only frame and sewing machine was set up, we had to prep the rollers and other stuff.)

We finally get the practice quilt onto the rollers (poles) ...

For practice we used a piece of flannel as the backing fabric and the top was Bob the Builder material my mom had gotten to make a lap blanket for Lil Monkey a year or more ago and time got away from her. Then we threaded and oiled the machine (during which I of course exaggerated the steps like only a child could so with her mother). It took F-O-R-E-E-V-E-R ... (not really).

Now the fun part ... we start quilting. Mom went first, of course, to show me what to do. I spent most of my college years with her Longarm Gammill in the livingroom, getting in trouble for putting laundry and other items on top of it, so I was comfortable with the size of it. Then it was my turn to try it ...

We weren't following any patterns, just getting a feel for the speed, so I decided to do my initials (ML). I know ... I am so creative!

Mom took over the machine to show me some general patterns like swirls and stuff and suddenly we heard a loud "POP" from the machine, and saw sparks from the motor near the wheel part of the actual sewing machine. Scary!! I ran over to the machine to turn it off and look for smoke or fire while mom ran to the other side to unplug the machine. 

Total fluke!! That is a glimpse into the luck of my mom and I! Luckily, there was no other issues such as smoke or burning, but she immediately called company who said they will have someone out to fix it the next day (I guess today). 

Needless to say, my mom and I decided that maybe we shouldn't sew together again any time soon (this isn't the first "problem" we've had when sewing together).

Life is never dull here at The Teacup Cottage, but I've already logged 8 minutes on a Longarm machine, so I am well on my way to quilting greatness!!

Until our next cup of tea ..

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