Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Sweet Summer Treat ...

This weekend has been crazy busy. From pool parties to date nights, Lego area reorganization and our monthly major home projects, it's been a whirlwind. On top of that. after getting groceries today, I spent a few hours in the kitchen working on some projects inspired by the weekend's activities, so I may be sharing a few "kitchen" posts this week. Just another week at The Teacup Cottage Blog!

While I was making the menu and grocery list this morning, I realized that Lil Monkey's declaration last week about wanting to eat whole apples for snack this week, had backfired and left us with quite a few apples since he discovered apple sauce in the fridge the next day. So in making the menu, I knew I needed to do something to use the bowl of apples before they went bad (this week, we are on a banana kick!)

While searching Pinterest for a recipe that was quick, easy and included stuff already in my pantry. I stumbled upon a cute little blog, Sweet Little Bluebird. She has the easiest and yummiest Baked Apple Pie Tortilla Rolls, or as we'd call them in Texas, Apple Pie Taquitos.  She has a mixture of recipes, DIY. crafts and other fun stuff, just like the Teacup Cottage! I love finding other creatively mixed bloggers!!

I sent some next door for my neighbors, and got a picture of an empty plate back about 10 minutes later ... I guess the votes are in favor of making more soon.

Well, you have to visit her blog and check out the yummy Baked Apple Pie Tortilla Rolls, but just to let you know, I went "off script" on a few things ... but they still turned out amazing ...

  1. I used red apples
  2. I didn't peel my apples because we love peels at The Cottage
  3. I used small tortillas and ended up with 11 rolls.

Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to go hide the remainder of these sweet treats or Prince Charming and Lil Monkey will eat them all for breakfast!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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