Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Commanding Organization

I think Day 2 of Lil Monkey's Kindergarten year was harder for me than it was on him. I had to keep busy, cleaning the house, working on some magazine tasks and even a little bit of time spent on crafts.

This year, my goal was to be organized from the start. Even though Little Monkey's school is delaying homework and such until they have a chance to learn the routine, I don't want to wait. When  his teacher sent home curriculum summaries and information for the class in the upcoming week and month, I decided to get started on an information center, or "command" center for school while he was in class today. It turned out to be a quick and easy project, that ultimately costed less than $10. 

His command center will include a summary of what unorms he wears on which days (he has 3), the character trait of the week, the teacher's weekly newsletter and I will add a file folder to include information that I want to keep handy, but do not necessarily need on a daily basis like the daily class schedule and lunch menu (we send lunch most days as he is a picky eater.)

Here's what I used:
  •  foam board (ours was from Dollar Tree, $1)
  • enough fabric to wrap board (I used a 1 yard cut from WalMart $3)
  • Quiltsmart Practical Art Raw-Edge Letters (from my stash)
  • Scrap pieces of fabric for Letters (I raided my scrap bin)
  • Thumbtacks (Dollar Tree, $1) 
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Any decorations you want
Here's what I did:
  1. I cut the fabric about 4-inches larger than the board and wrapped it hot gluing the fabric completely around the edges on the back. Be careful to make your corners lay flat since there will be multiple layers of fabric.
  2. Next I cut out the letters I needed for the word "school" (names are also a good option, especially with multiple kids). Then I ironed the letters to the BACK of the scrap strip of white fabric and cut them out.
  3. I hot glued the letters to the top of the board and hung it with nails. 
  4. Later I added the owls, the school mascot, with some "helpful hints" as well as some of the handouts and information sheets.


Needless to say, Little Monkey was surprised at his very own "command center", though not as surprised as his announcement that one of the girls in his class tried to kiss him today!

What!?! I am not ready for girlfriends!! Stop growing so fast!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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