Monday, August 24, 2015

Mason Jar Madness: A Colorful Start to a New Year!

We did it! We survive Kindergarten drop off at a new school! Being the new kid isn't really fun, but Lil Monkey was up for the challenge of making new friends!

Last year we made Teacher Survival Kits for the first day of school for Lil Monkey's two teachers, but I totally forgot to blog about it. That wasn't the only hiccup with the Teacher Gifts, we left the house without them on the first day and had to turn around 10 minutes later and come back for them! Luckily we were super early, so even with the extra time, we were early.

This year, I decided to not only make the gift early, instead of the weekend before when we were doing all the other last minute school prep, but we brought it for Lil Monkey's Teacher when we attended Meet the Teacher. It was a great idea because she had time to thank him for it without worrying about the upset kids and it was less stress on my part.

I have been obsessed with Mason Jars of late, so I decided to do something quick and simple with that. One thing I think most teachers can not get enough of is coloring and writing utensils. We made a quick trip to Dollar Tree and with the Mason Jar and scrapbook paper I already had, we made this gift for less than $5!

What we used:

  • 1- qt Mason Jar (wide-mouth works best, but regular sized mouth works too)
  • 1- 12 pk pencils
  • 1- 24 pk of markers
  • 1- 32 pk colors
  • 1 label or scrap white scrapbook paper
  • 1- piece of 12-inch scrapbook paper 
  • 2 rubber bands
What we did:
** I had my 5-year-old help, because it wasn't that hard, but it does require a little patience.
  1. Gather pencils in your hand and wrap them with rubber band to create a circle cluster.
  2. Surround pencils with markers and wrap rubber band around to keep tight in a circle. (This is where you need patience!)
  3. Open colors pack and put them in jar points up. Holding jar sideways, tilted towards you, slowly work cluster of markers and pencils into the jar gently shaking jar as needed to work colors up the sides of the jar so that they surround the markers.
  4. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper 1'x12' in color of your choice. Wrap around bottom of jar, about 2 inches from bottom, and glue in place. (We used hot glue.)
  5. Type message on label or write on white scrapbook paper. We put "looking forward to a colorful year".
  6. Stick label or glue piece of paper to front of jar.
  7. You are welcome to decorate with ribbon or a tag with the teacher or child's name.
I recently have been using Mason Jars for a variety of Projects, so come back soon for another Mason Jar Madness Project!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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