Thursday, August 6, 2015

Taco Tuesday Turns in to Taco Omelet Thursday

One of the biggest problems I have at The Teacup Cottage when it comes to food, is that neither Prince Charming or Lil Monkey eat leftovers. Occasionally, if he knows he has a packed day at the office, Prince Charming will take leftovers for lunch, but it is a rare occurrence. So for the most part, if there are leftovers, its up to me to eat them, so I try to either make enough to feed us for the one meal or make enough to freeze portions for future meals in the event of  busy day.

Earlier this week I made tacos and there was maybe enough of the meat to make one taco, not really a filling meal. The other ingredients - tomatoes, onion, cheese - were easily thrown into lunch salads throughout the week.This morning, I was not quite sure what I wanted for breakfast, so after searching without purpose in the fridge, I though a taco omelet might be fun to try. 

Boy was that a great idea ...

For my rustic scrambled omelet, I sauteed my onions and tomatoes then added my taco seasoned ground beef. Then I threw in some eggs and scrambled them with some shredded cheese. This is definitely on the list to do again ... maybe as a "breakfast for dinner" meal or in a quiche!   

Now that I started my day off with some creative food, what else should I do ... clean the house? Run errands? Or get crafty? Hard choice, but whichever choice I go with, hopefully, I can stay "CreativelyInspired!

Until our next cup of tea ..

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