Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Quick Half-Square Traingle Quilt with a Twist

I am so excited that for the first time EVER I finished a quilt in a week! What!?! That's not a typo, I made a (lounge sized) quilt in a week. I refused to let myself put anything else on the sewing machine until it was done. That was hard ...

Last week, I shared with you two pillows I'd made for the living room as I finally get started on making some #CreativeHouseAndHome projects. 

Finding a fabric that complimented the fabric I had used. It was a bit of a grey-tan, not a true khaki-tan. Most of the darker browns I tried to pair it with would work. They all looked "off". However, the original fabric for the pillows was something I fell in love with at JoAnn's Fabric and ironically, I found a matching colored fabric at Hobby Lobby. Neither had other fabrics in that tone or that matched, yet they each has one each. 

I started off by making 48 half-square triangles of each of the brown fabrics, paired with a white-on-white fabric. That's 96 HST total! Once I cut them, stitched them together and trimmed to a 4-inch (unfinished-size) HST block, I found out the hard way that a recent diagnosis pertaining to my neck and nerves in my arms was going to be effecting my favorite hobby! My arm was completely numb for about 24-hours after that and was tended for another 2 days. Hmm ... what to do!?! I had originally planned to make another batch of 96 HST (48 of each), but that wasn't going to be possible. So with a little pencil and paper I came up with a few options and this was the final choice!

I divided the HST in two groups of 48, 24 of each color. Then made 4 long lines of 12 alternating HST starting with one fabric and 4 long lines of 12 alternating HST starting with the other fabric. The I flipped and matched two rows to make the diamonds. After sewing the two sections of HST turned diamonds, I cut 3 strips of 10 1/2 x 42 1/2 and stitched together between the HST. Easy! 

The finished quilt will be 42 inches by 58-inches. I'll have to square up the sides before sending it to the quilter, but I am excited!

Well, I'm off to finish pillows using the dotted fabric and this will include a quick and easy surprise. Come back for more on that in a few days!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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