Monday, September 7, 2015

Dining Room FaceLift

Well, I can honestly say I enjoyed the long weekend. We were quite busy from routine chores, unexpected maintenance for a flat tire, craft organization, exploring with Lil Monkey, Fantasy Football Draft (more on that later) and game night with friends. We really packed it in!

Today was especially packed with some last minute family and friends meet ups, but I still managed to get some craft time in, so I am a happy girl!

For the past year I have been wanting to make curtains for the common rooms at the back of the house. When we first moved back home we quickly got curtains for the rooms that face the front of the house since we have large picture windows throughout the house and don't really want to attract the attention of nosy neighbors ... or anyone looking to "shop" for their new electronics (This house has been broken into when my father-in-law lived here and both of our trucks were broken into about a year and a half ago.)

Last week I was telling my husband I wanted to make more of a valence type covering for the dining are window since I didn't want to obstruct the view when Lil Monkey (or Prince Charming) are outside and I really didn't want Lil Monkey to use them as napkins since the kitchen table sits against the window. This is what I have been staring at the past 3 years ...


Last week I texted Prince Charming and asked him if he remembered the size of the glass on the window he broke last year (he saved us from a murderous wasp with a shoe, the window was a casualty of battle.) He immediately called and asked me if I broke the window. Oops! Sorry for the scare, but I was at the fabric store and found some fabrics I loved! It was on sale but I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money.

He told me to get what I though I needed and that the window was more than a yard but not larger than 2 yards. Have I said how much I love him lately?

When I got home, I sat down to draw up what I wanted to do. I have always loved the "napkin valance" idea that you see in many DIY Window Decor searches, but wanted something a little bit more since for the most part our common rooms are in neutrals - whites, tans and a little dark brown.

Today, we dropped the tire for my truck off to be repaired and a quick job ended up taking nearly 2 hours, so after we grabbed breakfast we headed to the Home Improvement Store to see what Halloween Decor was out. Sadly, none was out yet (its this family's favorite holiday), so we searched for thins we needed instead. Prince Charming got a digital thermostat and some outdoor lighting and I picked up a wall shelf and curtain rod.

Later this afternoon when we finally came home and plopped down in the recliners and sofa, I asked if he wanted to help me hand the curtain rod after we rested. My loving and honest husband replied, "I don't want to hang it until you finish making the curtains. We've done that before. I honestly, wouldn't have bought it yet, but we were already at the store." I knew it was true, so I wasn't mad. I suffer from Attention Deficit Craft Disorder. If I am inspired by something in the middle of a project, I'll start a whole new one. He knows me so well!

I quickly realized I wouldn't have him around to help hang that curtain rod if I didn't get started, so i left the two boys watching Despicable Me and headed to the cutting table. A little more than half an hour later, I had the curtains finished! See, I just needed motivation.

Prince Charming hopped up to help me hang the curtain rod and about 20 minutes later, I had a new outlook ... on the room at least.

It was quite simple ... I after deciding the valance length, I added 3 1/2 inches, then added 1-inch to the width. I folded over 1/4-inch, then 1/4-inch again and pinned around the whole piece, then stitched. Then I folded the top over 1 1/2-inches and stitched to create the hole for the curtain rod. Easy! For the "napkins", I cut 18-inch squares then folded over 1/4-inch, then 1/4-inch again and pinned around the whole piece, then stitched just like I had the valance. 

I really liked the striped fabric that I chose because it has that dark burgundy and green that you see in the floral fabric, so these will really pair well with fall and Christmas fabrics. That makes decorating easy, because I can just get themed fabric and make "napkins" to swap out! **Note: The photo of the fabric is more true in the final close up photo. We have a vintage light fixture that casts a yellow glow in the dining area. 

The table centerpiece is just 3 long-stemmed beige flowers that I picked up at JoAnn's Fabric on sale and them I placed in a clearance vase I got about 18-months ago filled with Epsom salt. Place it on a white plate and done! Oh, that initial fell off my door wreath in the Texas summer heat, so it'll go back on soon.

Well, off to find the next room that needs a facelift! 

Until our next cup of tea ...

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