Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pause for Pillow Talk

I am so exited to be working on projects that bring a renewed look to our home. Now that I feel comfortable with Lil Monkey being able to treat some of these decor projects with a little care, I am filled with ideas.

Last week I picked up some fabric to make new pillows for our living room. I wanted to make a few different ones, but when I fell in love with this fabric, I had trouble finding complimenting neutrals. Who knew there were so many tones of browns and tans!?! This one actually has a hint of grey to it so it gives it a more "elegant" neutral tone rather than a "chic" if that makes any sense ... Well, at least that's my perception. 

I got MORE than enough fabric to make the pillow on purpose because I thought maybe I'd make a quilt for the room that incorporates all the of fabrics of the pillows, but I'm still looking for a second tan. I made these pillows using the fold over method that shared in April. It took me about half an hour to make both of these from cutting to stuffing. I wanted to option to be able to change or clean the covers, because I am quite aware that my mood changes my creative interests. That way, it doesn't bother my husband too much to come home to different decor than he left. 

Most of our common living area is a neutral palette, though I have yet to find curtains that I like to replace these wine colored ones that were originally for our dining room in two previous homes. The bedrooms have more color and "character", but I love the calming effect of neutrals. I'll post photos when I get the additional pillows created, but as you can see, Lil Monkey is quite content with the new pillows.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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