Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trade and Play: My First Block Swap

I am so excited to finally get the courage and participate in my first block swap. I've done craft swaps before, Christmas ornaments, cross stitched items and the like, but my confidence in my quilting abilities is far lower than all of those. I am much more secure in my design abilities than the actual quilting part of it. 

About a year ago I joined a Facebook group called White Walls. It is a closed group for military spouses (primarily, but service members too). The group was designed for military families to share decorating tips and such, because face it, when it comes to moving every few years and trying to make military housing less stark, we can use all the help we can get! The group grew exponentially and soon there were spin-off for kitchen decor and recipes, outdoor living and (my favorite) White Wall Needle, a group for sewing, quilting, yarn arts and other "needle" arts.

In August, the group announced that they would host a block swap. A block swap is where you make a certain number of similar blocks and send to the coordinator who will sort and shuffle the blocks and send back to each quilter a set of different blocks. Of course, within minutes of posting the exchange, I was signed up. 

The block exchange was to be any 12 1/2 in square block in a red, white and blue. I decided to create a block using the Quiltsmart ZigZapp! Star Struck

While I could have made a traditional "flag" block I decided to keep with the block and stripe theme, but a little different. So I used a 6 inch blue square in the center and surrounded it with 3 inch red and white stripes. 

It was such a fun project! It was such an easy project! If you haven't tried Quiltsmart, their project sets such as Double Wedding Ring and Lone Star are a great way to start., but if you are looking to try your hand at creating something or adding a unique touch you have to try their ZigZapps! I love just creating as I go sometimes and this lets me do that. 

You can use the stitch and flip method or go with the raw edge like I did on these blocks. I just love how easy it is to sew them on too! 

I can't wait to see what creative blocks I get back! I'll post an update when they arrive.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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