Thursday, October 1, 2015

A New Member Joins the Ranks ...

Today was a great day! I told  you earlier this week about meeting a friend to get supplies for her to make her very first wreath ... EVER! Today after we both dropped of kids at school, we met at her house so I could walk her through it. 

She chose a burlap project, and we decided the best method was for her to use twist tie or pipe cleaner method, where you use them to tie down the burlap rather than tucking loops of burlap in the wire form from the bottom. After I explained it, she got right to it. Two rolls of burlap, a roll of ribbon and lots of hot glue later, she'd made a few changes to her original design and had this adorable wreath (and a little bit of jealousy from me!)

I didn't really get a good picture of how poofy is because she has to go get a door hanger still, but I fell in love. Now I want to make another one ... Hmm, maybe I should make a general "year-round" one like she did since we have 2 front doors anyway. The material to make the wreath cost her less than $20, so its also pretty budget friendly as well.

I feel like such a proud Mama Bear because now she's hooked. She was quite taken with the hot glue gun. I foresee her picking on up for all sorts of random stuff in the near future. 

Well, I'm off to dream of my next wreath project!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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