Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another Surprise Treat ...

A few days ago I told you about helping my mom clean out her quilting work spaces and I brought home quite the fabric stash - but that's not all I came home with! The Teacup Cottage is getting more colorful, because my mom also found a stack of Quiltsmart Practical Arts Flag Banners actually made by Mattie, owner of Quiltsmart

She didn't even bat an eye when she handed them over and I'm pretty sure I set a new world record running to put them in my truck. It's not that my mom didn't want them, but her company, Bear Thread Designs, manufacture of the Applique Pressing Sheet, has reduced the amounts of trade shows, expos and quilt festivals that its done last year. She has spent more time on quilting cruises, so there is less need for these smaller types of samples that she used to decorate the booth.

Now it's my understanding that Mattie made these for mom to use when Quiltsmart first introduced the Practical Art Flag Banners. Since then, she had made many more samples for the shows and festivals that they attend, so I was so excited that The Teacup Cottage was to become home for these colorful banners. Mom and Mattie have been friends for nearly 15 years according to my mom, but anyone who has visited the Teacup Cottage Blog knows that in recent years I have been a big fan of the method of simplifying quilting designed by Quiltsmart. I may have inherited a lot from my mother, but not her confidence in quilting! I became sort of an Ambassador for the brand about 2 years ago when I launched the blog and have made several free patterns since then.

The top flag banner is (obviously) a Halloween banner, the middle one is made with fabric that is fit for Cinco de Mayo, filled sombreros, small chihuahuas, chili peppers and other cultural icons. Finally, the third banner is made with repeating fabrics in different colors - I'm in love! There was another, partially finishes banner in the stack as well and one day I hope to finish it. It was another bright colored banner. I love colorful decorations!

I'm even more excited that I get to see Mattie and some of the Quiltsmart crew at the International Quilt Market, held in Houston this upcoming weekend! It's been a month of exciting activities and we still have 2 weeks left! I have more to show you, so I'm off to finish something "tea" inspired.

Until our next cup of tea,

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