Monday, October 19, 2015

Cleaning Out and Cleaning Up!

A few weeks ago my mom texted and asked me to pick a day to come over and get yardage of her bolts of fabric.

Now you have to understand, my mom has 2 rooms with fabric. One is for personal projects, and one is for her company samples and such. So I guess recently she's decided to clean and organize the rooms. A close friend of her's and fellow quilter passed away this summer and she has been helping the husband sort through all of the things, which included a LOT of quilts. Her friend rivaled my mother when it came to WIPs (works in progress) and PHDs (projects half-done). Mom inherited many of them and has been finishing when she can in between the busiest quilt season in South Texas.

I guess with the unforeseen influx of quilting stash there have been piles popping up all over her house ... on the sofas, stairs, and kitchen table,  in the hallways, and along the walls in bedrooms. Well, you get the idea. 

So last Thursday I dropped Lil Monkey off at school and started the hour drive to my mom and stepfather's ranch.

First we started with a few bolts of fabric she was getting rid of ... now it may shock a few quilters to think that I actually took the time to decide if I wanted a fabric or not. Most quilters "take it all" and decided later what to do with it, but after 12 years as military family and 5 moves, I've learned you have to want it bad enough to pack and unpack it a few times, So I actually turned some down. 

We literally layered 4 bolts at a time and cut, then repeated ... like 10 times! Seriously, I lost count after the 36th bolt of fabric. It took a few hours - Yeah, that's how much fabric we sorted through. 

After sorting through and cutting fabric, she had enough room on the shelves to shuffle and organize books, PHDs, patterns and scraps. Of course, we also took time to play a little too, and she had some last minute packing to do because she spent the weekend at a quilt retreat. Soon, it was time to leave. I had to pick up Lil Monkey and once I got home, I had to roll the cut yardage on "mini bolts" as well as make dinner. 

I have another post or two of other goodies I got, so visit again soon!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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