Saturday, October 24, 2015

Picture Perfect, Pretty in Pink

It is a wet and dreary day here in South Texas. We are starting to get the remnants of (formerly) Hurricane Patricia. Though it's been downgraded to a Tropical Depression, the rain stated to come down quite aggressively when we were in town eating lunch. So now we are back home with rainy day treats and waiting it out with Harry Potter movies and Scooby Doo.

The rain brought with it other change in plans. The schedule Trunk or Treat at Lil Monkey's school has been postponed, which of course has me a little bummed since I have been working for about 2 weeks on our Trunk for this year. So to battle the blues, I'll share with you a few of the project and then Wednesday, I'll post the photos of our trunk.

The theme that I chose for this year is Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party. No big surprise there, right?One thing that I wanted to do was a few photo frames with sayings and quotes from the book. Since I am doing the "class trunk", the other parents have donated candy. I wanted a sign for the candy bowl that said "Eat Me", like in the book, but I am still deciding if I want one that also says "Drink Me" because then I'd have to buy drinks for about 200 kids, so we'll see about that. So I spent some time on the computer and made some signs. The I headed to the Dollar Tree and got some frames and decided to paint some to match the color theme.

I chose (3) 5x7-inch frames at the Dollar Tree and later picked up a $4 can of pale pink paint. After a few thin coats of paint and 24-hour dry time, I had my framed quotes for less than $10! And still lots of paint left over, so I may paint some more later.

Obviously, it was cheaper than the $15-20 frames I had seen at other stores. I'm sure that if I had been able to find some lighter colored frames it would have taken less time and paint, but it only took about an hour since this paint had a dry time of 10 minutes between coats.

Sadly, because of the rain, I can't pain more frames today, but I am off to work on some papercrafts for the decorations. I can't wait to show you!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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