Friday, October 30, 2015

The Boy Who Didn't Grow Up!

Whew! What a day we've had at Lil Monkey's school. Today was the end of a very busy week - Red Ribbon Week coincided with Book Fair Week which was also the rescheduled time for the school's Trunk or Treat! I am officially tired. Yesterday I shared the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for Trunk or Treat, and earlier this week on the Facebook Page I shared my apprehension at starting the design and sew his Peter Pan costume - yes, designing it too.

I didn't want to pay $20 for a pattern that I would essentially use once, so I decided to search for easy patterns for pants and shirts and ... Well, just make it up as I went along. Now for someone who fear sewing clothes worse than the flu shot, that was a risky decision, but we pulled it off!!

I found a lot of tutorials online saying that pats were simple if you just trace pajama or athletic pants, so that's what I did, following the example of this tutorial by Sew Delicious. 

The shirt was sort of the same techniques, where I traced a t-shirt that was one size larger than what he wears. The I sewed together the shoulders and rounded the edge of neck using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Next I sewed down the side of each shirt. Lastly, I cut 1 1/2 inch "notches" in the sleeves and bottom of the shirt then turned the edges and sewed a 1/8 inch to give them a finished look. I later cut a 2-3 inch slit down the front of the shirt and did the edges using the same method, then snipped a few holes and put a piece of leather string to give it a fun addition.

The hat is what stressed me out. I really had worried about it so much that I didn't make it until 7 p.m. last night. I kept going back to this tutorial that Sew in Harmony had on her blog. She had made it with felt, but I was making it with the same cotton material as the shirt. After much procrastinating, I decided to go for it. I actually cut (4) pieces from the template, sewed the brim/bottom part of 2 pieces together (and then again for the other two), then flipped it so the seam was hidden and followed her directions from there. we actually had a feather that Lil Monkey had found on my mom and stepfather's ranch, so we just got glued it on. Ta-da!! Presto, we made a hat that actually turned out fairly good. 

He was so excited to wear it to school today. They actually had 5 boys in his class who showed up as Peter Pan, so he was excited to have match his friends. All of their costumes were different and no one noticed, or I guess remarked, that I had made his, so that's good news, right? It didn't look any different than the store bough ones and it cost me less than $10 and I still have some fabric left over!

Well. It's been a long week (as you can see), so I'm off to convince Prince Charming to get pizza for dinner! 

Until our next cup of tea ... 

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