Friday, November 27, 2015

A Holiday Gift Guide

I am excited to focus this year's Christmas gifts on the theme, Homemade for the Holidays. I've made homemade gifts before but I have never made ALL presents for a Christmas, just a few here and there. So this year, that is my goal. 

Since I love Quiltsmart, it was the logical place to start when looking for gift ideas. After I made my gift list, I searched through my Quiltsmart patterns and interfacing to find the perfect gifts for our family and friends. In the past two weeks, I am well on my way, but here are some that are top choices for many on my list ... (in no particular order)

1. Market Bag

Market Bags are popular for quick trips to the grocery store and reducing plastic bags use and waste. I have a stack of them in the pantry for such times, but to be able to make some cute and themed bags, really has made me more excited to use them (I am a bit forgetful when it comes to running errands.) The great thing about these as Christmas gifts is whether they are made with holiday fabric or something the recipient would like (Lil Monkey loves Disney!), they can be filled with small gifts and be tucked under the tree just as they are!!

As you can see, these roomy totes can hold a sweet new friend for a little person and make a great way to keep toys or diaper items organized in a car.

2. Mondo/Midi/Bitty Bags

I fell in love with this one! Quiltsmart has designed these 3 tote bags that will make any woman swoon with delight and really, we can all use another bag or two. If you need a study tote, the Mondo bag is great with a bottom that is approximately 10-inches square and has 17-inch sides, it is perfect for any mom who has a child or children who can't manage to carry their own stuff. (Lil Monkey can't seem to find the energy to carry his own water bottle sometimes!) It is perfect as a diaper bag, shopping bag or just for a mom on the go!

The Midi bag is the same style bag as the Mondo, but smaller. This is perfect as an everyday purse with its base of approximately 8-inches square and 12-inch sides. Not so big that you are struggling with it, but roomy enough for all the essentials (and some extra sweet treats for yourself!)

The Bitty Bag is such an adorable bag. The base is approximately 5 1/2 inch square and it has sides of 9-inches. It can be made in the same style as the two larger bags or it can be altered like a clutch. I may make myself one or two of these for under the tree!

3. Bottle Bag

The Bottle Bag was a quick and cute gift item for hostess gifts filled with a bottle wine and after making a few, I "accidentally" discovered their multi-use when Lil Monkey decided to borrow one for stacks when we spend a day running errands one weekend. Not only were they great for treats and snacks, but we also decided to make one for his best friend and sibling and fill with some small gifts for an exchange before Winter Holiday. Lil Monkey is excited to pick out fabrics.

4. Aprons

When you grow up in the South, aprons are pretty common. I have quite a few, half aprons, full apron, ruffled and simple. Any large gather of women in my family where we make a meal includes a few minutes of apron appreciating as we don them and prepare to cook. They make great gifts for those who enjoy cooking, especially in a gift basket. I've made a few using the Quiltmart interfacing and love that these two-sided aprons can be made for whatever mood I'm in. (Wednesday I was feeling the vintage vibe and wore the grey, Paris apron for holiday meal prep.)

5. Stockings

Who doesn't love Christmas stockings? I mean its the one time I year you can put something out empty and find it filled with treats when you come back. I have always wanted to make stocking for our family, but it was so intimidating so we bought some after Lil Monkey was born, but then last year I made these for the first time and it was so simple! Now, I love to make them and fill them with treats for friends at secret sister swaps and other gift exchange events. 

Making Christmas presents is such a joy, both for the giver and the receiver. I hope you find some creative inspiration if you are making Christmas gifts this year. Visit Quiltsmart to learn more about the Market Bag, Mondo/Midi/Bitty Bags, Bottle Bag, Aprons, Stockings and more. 

And don't forget to post photos of your finished projects to either The Teacup Cottage Blog Facebook Page or Quiltsmart Facebook Page. We'd love to see what you've created!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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