Friday, November 20, 2015

Impromptu Holiday Crafts ...

Today was a day for impromptu holiday projects for sure. Probably the most crazy of crafting stories for me. We have had a bust week as we have a variety of activities at Lil Monkey's school before the Thanksgiving break, so I completely forgot to make a Pilgrim or Indian costume for Lil Monkey's holiday feat today. When we arrived at school and he saw many of his friends dressed up he had a meltdown, so like any good parent, I made promises of getting him something for the feast, completely unaware of what I was going to do. So I got into the truck, took a deep breathe and faced the biggest craft challenge I would face ever with two hours to get it done! (O.k. maybe it wasn't THAT critical.)

First I headed to WalMart where I hoped to find a kid's brown tee shirt. No such luck, but there was a tan shirt that said something about hunting or whatnot in the adult men's section, so searched for the smallest size and headed to craft department. There I found some fabric glue, scissors, feathers and braided faux leather. Next I raced to JoAnn's where I (luckily) found some small fringe and blue ribbon that could pass for some Indian art or something.

Next I raced to the school, begged to use the cafeteria (which was filled with all the Christmas decorations that school will put up next week), and got to work. I turned the shirt inside out, the length of the tee shirt, glued and cut ribbon on any place I could find, managed to have enough fringe to cover the printed label with extra fringe and this is what I made just in time for Lil Monkey to put on before they started to gather for the feast ...

He was quite excited to have a costume because he had convinced himself he couldn't go to the feast if he wasn't dressed as an Indian (his choice). 

While I was volunteering in the serving line for the kids, my "new parent" friend from yesterday was also there and we chatted. When we were done serving we sat down and went over some craft projects I had foud for her 8-year old daughter to try over the holiday break. Later when we were leaving school (half-day), she invited us over so the boys (same class) could play and I could show Lil Miss G some projects to do with the craft stuff she had already at the house. 

It was a great afternoon for all, after giving her some ideas of things using what she had as well as going over some projects I had texted her mom, I gather a plethora of beads that we had found in the craft bin and we sat down while I showed her ow to make beaded icicle ornaments for the Christmas tree. She was excited and made a few before her dad got home and she went to spend some one-on-one time with him. 

I think this may be the start of a beautiful mentorship!!

I may use my new friend to make some more kid-friendly and crafty projects for you to try in time for this year's Christmas tree!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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