Thursday, November 19, 2015

Revisiting Christmas Past

Each year the day after Thanksgiving we put up our  family Christmas tree. It is such a great time of reflection as we unwrap ornaments and remember the story of each. I'm sure I'm not to only one who does this. Today I was talking with another parent at Lil Monkey's school about Christmas and she was asking if I knew of any projects her craft-loving daughter might enjoy doing over the break next week. After we talked for a while, it left me feeling like an early walk down memory lane. so I revisited a Christmas ornament post from my first year as a blogger, when I had a military life blog (now private.) Here an excerpt from that post on December 13, 2005 ...

This is the first year I have decorated a Christmas tree and I was very excited. Growing up in a family of 12, this was a difficult task, so my stepmother did it when we were asleep. My mom always had her tree up when we went to visit, so at 27-years-old, I excitedly pulled out my many homemade ornaments and my husband and I decorated the tree with a little help from Sgt. Major (our puppy). 

When Prince Charming and I first started dating I had decided to make a new "Victorian-style" ornament each year with a friend from college. Mine were all read, white and gold; Amy's were all blue, white and silver. Here are mine, I took pictures after hanging them up. My husband thought the tree was a little bare, so I also hung the ornaments I made as a child, the ornaments I got in last year's ornament exchange (my first one) and the one made by my great-grandmother, who passed summer 2004.

Sadly, I only have one of the white lace ones left, though I have quite a few of both a red and white version of the the ribbon balls. I actually have 2 different sizes, since they were easy to make. I simply hot glued holiday ribbon cording around foam balls starting with a loop at the top. Ouch, I can still remember the burned fingers.

I'l have to see if I can find the supplies to make the lace ornaments again, or find a way to make it in an alternate fashion, they were so beautiful. Well, I'm off to read though some more forgotten posts, I'll let you know if I find anything fun to share!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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