Friday, December 11, 2015

Facing A Fear, Trying Something New

Growing up my father had primary custody from my early childhood and we lived next door to my paternal grandparents. This was an amazing opportunity for my brother and I to have so much time with them, and my dad always had help close to care for us when he had to work and such. From even before I remember, my paternal family was large, with both of my grandparents have more than 10 siblings each. In fact, 3 sisters including my grandmother, married 2 brothers and a cousin in my grandfather's family. Every year there were HUGE family reunions for my grandmother and grandfather's families.

My grandmother was very dedicated in making matching clothes for all of us, and I loved it. Including my dad's sister, there were 6 of us with matching shirts and dresses. 

When I was pregnant with Lil Monkey, Prince Charming bought me a sewing machine thinking it would be great for me to "make baby clothes and darn socks". (Yes, he really said that!) That didn't go as planned though I have made simple Halloween costumes (pirate) and school event costumes (Peter Pan).

Now I have never made clothing from a pattern before, though I have been gifted patterns. About a year ago Prince Charming talked me into buying a pattern to make matching shirts for him and Lil Monkey. Since we are big fans of Disney cruises, and he was so excited about having matching Hawaiian style shirts, but I admit I was super nervous to make clothing. 

Since this year I am focusing on a Homemade for the Holidays, I decided to face my fear and try to make my guys matching Disney shirts for Christmas. Yesterday, I got started usinf McCall's pattern M6972 and so far, its not so scary. It'll be slow going, but I'll keep you posted on the project!

I will admit that I enjoy making these quick trace and sew style shorts, so I am also making matching pajama shorts for the three of us. I'll let you know when those are done too!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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