Monday, December 7, 2015

Wintery Wonder ... Where is the Tissue?

So last week started off GREAT! I had a list of crafts all planned out. Gifts, decor, ornaments ... so much as the holiday season continues to zoom by. (Am I the only one panicking yet?) There were some school meetings and such that had been on the calendar awhile and I had worked around them ... then Tuesday morning my list got thrown into the air and mayhem ensued ... though not necessarily in a bad way.

Tuesday morning I decided to walk Lil Monkey into class versus dropping off in carpool line and his teacher asked if I could help with a class project - making a Texas themed ornament for the school tree. I said sure and asked when would she need my help, her reply? Today at about noon. Yikes! We live 45 minutes from the school so there was no need to go home just to turn around in 30 minutes and drive back, so I ran some non-essential errands while waiting.  I was at the school for 2 1/2 hours and made the Texas themed fingerprint ornaments (bluebonnets) as well as some other ornaments from beads and such for the classroom tree. I fell in love with the bluebonnet ornaments. 

That day I also gave the teacher some ornament samples that I'd made over the break because she was looking for ideas for ornaments that the kids make for the parents each year. I love fingerprint ornaments, so I was excited to try some ideas. I think Lil Monkey and I may have to try some of these.

On Wednesday the monthly meeting with the school director for parents was cancelled because she was sick so I met another parents for coffee, then picked up some supplies I needed at the craft and fabric stores, before heading home to finish writing a pattern for a guest blog post. 

On Thursday, I had the most fun of all. A former co-worker, now friend, had asked if I would meet her to help her make and a wreath for Christmas .. Uh, yes!! So after some time at Hobby Lobby and a few hours at her house, we both ended the day with a new holiday wreath for our doors!

Friday, I worked on finishing some projects and started on other presents, but by Saturday  morning I'd started to feel sick and by the end of the day, I was completely down for the count by the end of the day, which has continued until today.

Well, I'm off to get some sleep, hoping for a quick recovery.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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