Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monster Madness

Kids crafts are the coolest. This year my Little Monkey has made a new friend at school and they have become best buds, two peas in a pod, and mostly, quite the entertaining Goof Troop when you throw in a big sister!

This dinosaur duo has quite the level of energy and sitting to do projects usually lasts 1-5 minutes before they are off, luckily the friend's big sister is crazy into crafts. On Feb. 5 (Friday), The Goof Troop will celebrate their 100th Day at School. Us two mommies got together to brainstorm ideas about how to decorate shirts for the occasion earlier last week and decided that monster shirts would be super fun for the dynamic duo.

This weekend, we finally got the supplies and started our project. Here's a look at what we did ...

Supplies for each shirt:

  • kid's t-shirt  (Michael's, $3.50)
  • pack of googly eyes (Dollar Tree 125 ct, $1.00)
  • small bottle fabric glue (Dollar Tree, $1.00)
  • Sharpie 
  • (optional) Kid's hat (Michael's, $2.99)
  1. After boys decided they wanted circle monsters, I placed a plastic bag inside each shirt and used a bowl and black Sharpie to trace a circle on their shirts. 
  2. Each boy was given a bowl with 200 googly eyes of varying sizes. They each drew a mouth on their monster and then started to glue googly eyes, placing two or three above each circle then gluing the rest inside the circle. (To be honest, the fact that 2 five-year-old boys lasted 5 minutes was a bit of a shock, so I continued to glue the eyes on while they periodically ran up to approve placement on their respective shirt. Quality control!)
  3. Once all of the 100 googly eyes were glued on, I let them dry with the plastic bag still inside. I removed the bag the next day. We also added arms and legs after the photos were taken, so I took another photo this morning of Lil Monkey's shirt.  
  4. The boys wanted to wear hats, so we glued the remaining eyes on his hat. This one takes longer to dry, but we let everything lay out overnight.

I can't wait to see these two little monkeys wear their shirts to school on Friday! I'll try to post pics on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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