Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Moving Forward, A New View

We bought a house. If you are wondering why The Teacup Cottage has been quiet lately, its because Prince Charming and I have been searching for our "forever home" (as military families call it) and we finally found one.

From the start we expected it to take a long time, at least a year, because we were looking for a home in a specific neighborhood with a big kitchen (my request), a fireplace (Prince Charming's request), and a pool (Prince Charming and Little Monkey's request). We weren't looking for a perfect house, as creative as I am and with Prince Charming's fearless "I can fix that" attitude, we were willing to settle on a house that needed repairs, though not quite a Chip & Joanna Gaines type fixer upper. The neighborhood we wanted was most important because the schools in our new city are rate in the Top 10 in the state on several polls and is the No. 1 school district in the area. Since Lil Monkey is considered Gifted & Talented we needed a school that could work with him and this school district has a great track record.

We signed the closing documents for the purchase on Thursday, and I'm pretty sure I have reached a new level of back pain these past few days. As we ready the house with carpeting and fixing issues such as a leaking shower, I have been packing and moving loads of our belongings each day, as well as unpacking once I get to the new house. Its slow work, which could end up with me crying in a corner, but finding the humor in it is the key to remaining sane.

(FYI, we only had the house keys about 6 hours when he started this. I'm more of a "let's decorate kind of girl.")

Yesterday, I discovered that the computer is still at the old house, while the printer and scanner are at the new one. This was of course discovered when something needed to be printed, signed and emailed back. I also realized that while approximately all of The Teacup Cottage studio's fabric and half-finished projects have been brought to the new house, I still haven't brought the sewing machine, cutting mat and rulers. Easy fixes for sure, but it's easy to let the stress get to you.

Amid unpacking, consulting with service providers, and caring for a sick Lil Monkey (fever last 3 days, but better and back a school today), I am learning to take a deep breathe, and enjoy the process. In 2 weeks we'll (hopefully) be finished and enjoying our new house, until then I just need a venti iced coffee and some music to help me get through it and then I can move on to the next phase ... decorating! So many sewing projects are already swirling in my head!

Check back for updates, including a look at how leaving our old home is a step forward and a memory-filled farewell.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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